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"The Mamaluke"

About Us

An original streaming YouTube series.

Just imagine “Curb Your Enthusiasm” meets “The Sopranos”…


“The Mamaluke” is a situation comedy about a bumbling but likable guy named Lou, who tries to make his friends and neighbors believe he’s a mafioso. But, in reality, he’s merely a ‘schlep’ down at the local social club frequented by the real wise guys. And, with his sharp-witted, sardonic wife, Marie, two grown kids and a wacky live-in mother-in-law who constantly remind him that he’s not ‘Don Corleone’, it’s the perfect recipe for an original, fresh and enjoyable TV series.


Lou tries hard to be accepted by the boss and his mob underlings in hopes that someday his Mafia fantasy will come true and he will finally be a ‘made’ man. But, he is not taken seriously. Instead, he is humored by them and used as a ‘go-fer’, gassing up and washing their cars, cooking pasta, running errands and even performing such humiliating tasks as shining the boss’ shoes. 


His frustration only gets worse when Marie and the kids put him in his place, making him fully aware that his mob ‘aspirations’ are pure fantasy and he’s just a working man who is employed ‘carrying stiffs for a living’ at the local funeral parlor. Constantly at odds with his hostile mother-in-law, the already simmering tensions are only compounded and everyday situations become complicated, comical battles for Lou and he must find a way out of them.


In the series pilot, ‘Sleeping with the Fishes’, Lou is asked by mobster Joey ‘Spuds’ to drop him off at his girlfriend’s apartment, using Joey’s own shiny Cadillac. Later that day, Lou remembers that he has to go to the fish store to pick up the evening’s dinner for Marie to cook. Lou is alarmed when another car accidentally bumps the Cadillac in the parking lot, but he is able to ‘rub it out’. Then, inadvertently, the fish is placed into Joey’s trunk, on top of the mobster’s bullet proof vest. When Joey fails to show up for a meeting with the boss, the fish is found in the trunk, a la “The Godfather”. Now Lou is suspected of ‘whacking’ Joey Spuds as he is forced to explain the ‘rub out’ and a hilarious play-on-words almost gets him fitted for cement shoes!


The series stars Johnny ‘Roastbeef’ Williams (“Goodfellas”) as Lou.

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