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Ben Fiore


In Association with Take Two Entertainment, Inc.

Ben Fiore is a New York based, multiple award winning screenwriter. A number of his short and feature length screenplays have garnered wins and high placement awards in top screenwriting contests. He is the co-creator, producer and head writer of "The Mamaluke”® comedy web TV series. A retired NYC Police Officer, he served in both the NYC Transit Police (patrolling New York's subways) and the NYPD. Ben participated in the rescue and recovery mission during the World Trade Center terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. He lives with his wife, Marci, and their two sons, Stephen and Christopher, in New York's Long Island. 


Mark Riccardi


Take Two Entertainment, Inc.

Mark is a producer, director, stunt coordinator and award winning Hollywood stuntman with over 25 years of industry experience. He has performed and coordinated stunts for some of Hollywood’s biggest films including, “Face Off”,“Get Shorty”, “Broken Arrow”, “Phenomenon”, “Battlefield Earth”, “A Civil Action”, “Sword Fish”, “Michael”, and“The General’s Daughter”. He was involved in other blockbuster Hollywood movies including, “Mission Impossible”,“Live Free or Die Hard”, “The Thin Red Line” and “Super Eight”. Mark has performed and choreographed stunts on over 50 leading US prime time television shows. He is the co-creator and producer of “The Mamaluke”® web series and has directed three episodes to date.


Glenn Callahan

(Executive Producer)

Morning Star Movies, LLC

Glenn Callahan graduated from California State University, San Luis Obispo, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration and Agribusiness. Glenn is also a graduate of the Hollywood Film Institute with a certification in production and a certification in directing. He has worked with Clint Eastwood, Universal Pictures and The Malpaso Company in the production “The Eiger Sanction” as well as through Warner Brothers Pictures and The Malpaso Company production, “Outlaw Josey Wales”. Glenn is the executive producer of “The Mamaluke”® web series.

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